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Aug 14, 2009 9:00pm EDT
rush limbaugh has repeated done. when mark levin-- yomentioned hi- he said the president of the united stes is literally at w with the american people. and then people begi unsurprisingly, showing upt rallies withuns. wellobviously, if the president were. i mean, folks, if i bieved the president of the united statewere a nazi, re planning a fascist takeov, it would be contemptibly cowardly ofe not too everything in my power, including contemplatg violen, to resist such a thin every decent person ould do that. that's why you don say it when it's not true. and i mean, one of the ws that the constitution system works is with me understanding that thpeople on the other side ha slightly different priorities, but they share yr constitutional vues. they have invested in thsame stem. the problems they've got a hard problems. and evenf you don't like their answers, you have to have so restraint inhe way you talk about them, as you would hop they would have out you. and i think it'sust trageous. it is dangerous. it's dangerous forhe whole constitutional system. i'm absoluly prepared to fi
Aug 6, 2009 1:00am EDT
powell out the party, isay do youeally.... >> re: that's rush limbaugh. >> well, it's a lot people. i went o on my booker to and i was tryingo explain to people, if you want to be a national party again,you've got to win a at or two in new england. and let me tell y something, people who lk like mend talk like me fr the south, we're probablyot going to do well in northeast harbor maine. colin powell will. olyma snowe will. >> rose: well, in the northeast... >> i just tew that out. the i own the northeast with mika with me okay, mika,f you say , i'll te for you. but they kied colin powell out the par. you know what i learned o this book showein it's fascinating. speaking in w england. i d a lot ofpeople comeup to me, a lot of older gentlemen especially come up to me and say "i used vote for republicans when they were like you." i said "i'm really conservative, i'm like a libtarian i'm so conservave." they said "n, you're not a hater." and what i realized on this book tour, two things, one good, one bad. the od thing is that merates even people leftof center, will low pressure to you if
Aug 31, 2009 12:00pm EDT
the party, i sayow really think --. >> re: that is rush limbaugh, isn't it. >> well, its a lot of people. i went out on myook tour and i watrying to expla to pple, if you want to be a tional party ain, you got to win a st or two n england. and let me ll you mething, people whoook like me and talk like me from thsouth, we're probably not going to do well in northeast harva maine. colin powellith. olympia sowee wi. tony snowwill. >> i just tew that out there. i own northeast. i'm sure iwould be just like e book tour. vote for him >> okay, if yo say so, okay i will ve for him but they kicked colinowell out of the party is insane i learned on the book tour t is fascinatingpeaking in new england. ha lot of people come up to me, a lot of older gentlema especially come up tme and say i ud to vote for republicans when they wereikeou. i said i'm really conservative. >> yeah. >> rose: . >> i like a libearian i'm so consertive. >> no, no, no, no you're not a ter. and what irealized on this book tour, t things. one good,ne bad. the good thing is that moderate its, en people left of cere will
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3